Friday, February 26, 2010

Class and picking up work

Packing, packing packing... I'm good at that.. I think back now how I learned that and it's all good skills for today... I do have a tendency to over pack but that's been a blessing many time in an emergency. So I pack up for class and Pack a lunch so I can have a nice one with an artist friend today at the Gallery and then I pack up to go to pick up my work at Bountiful Market and Cafe... Boy a two month stint went by fast didn't it? Can't believe it.. I have a 2:00 time slot to be there and hoping to be done before 3:00... then I bring it home and Unpack the van and get prepared for the Second half of my workshop at Mayslake Peabody Estate, on Saturday.. As I write this post out I can't help but think OMGosh hope all goes as planned... I've got it all down to the time and place don't I..? to funny... well it usually does... so off I go to pack up.
Today is my Sister Birthday in Arkansas...Wish her a happy one and hope that she got my card..?


  1. Sending you much joy - thrilled for all the activity you've been experiencing.

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