Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walking in the woods and studio time.

Sunday... the woods are calling and I do plan to make it there this morning. I was able to slip in a 4 mile hike and it felt so good... The sun was shinning and the fresh snow made it easier to walk on the 3" layer of ice still on the pea gravel path. It was good to see the 6 deer out there I know there's more, haven't seen the few big bucks but then rutting season has past so their all hunker down to save their energy with food not be as available out there. But with the Forest Rangers cleaning all the buck thorn and Honey suckles back it's leaving the shoots for nibbling... Some thing during these lean times.

I've manage to make it to the studio and sorted my papers ... People always ask me how do I store my papers by color or what...? Well I have clear boxes and I do have to resort them often.. which is good I forget easily the stuff I have prepare so it's like going to the art supply store in a way.. I get all excited by my supplies. But I have to say the piece of collage I talked about in my Friday class I was testing out what would happen if I de-collage some of the papers( pulled or ripped off papers) and next thing you know I had the surface of my papers all ripped off and I was at the raw surface of the Substrate... Now what was I going to do... I need a sample for class. I then played around with the back of the papers and wet them down only to rub my arm off trying to get the back of the heavy watercolor paper off the torn papers...The back of the papers looked pretty cool. I thought this is useful and I polymered the raw substrate again and looked over my papers from the bundle and I believe I'm on a different path with this piece which is OK.. learning all the way long. I also coated and altered some other papers from the bundle to work on a piece for the canvas sample I'll be showing both class next week...I skipped the watercolor substrate by accident and we moved right on to the canvas. Well we have time to touch base on thatin a week after or so...

Oh I did give myself a treat and had a nice lunch after my walk... I love salmon and they had a great combo at Pannera bread so sat down and read an article in the March Artist Magazine about deciding about doing a workshop, or presenting workshop... I'm happy to say that with little experience I've had over some of the artists out there I'm on the right track.... good feeling.
Last day in January and I've got another busy month ahead.. so happy for work... and all the great opportunities to try new things out. I received my email for the next class session at the LaGrange Art league as I need to prepare what I'm going to teach for the Spring session... Panic!!! I'm not done with this one... but I'll figure it out..

Off to tackle the day... board meeting with the MCS today also..

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  1. Glad you got out there in those woods!


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