Friday, January 29, 2010

Made Mud Yesterday

I know why I made mud... hard to focus and I have a series on the table and my obsessiveness to focus on that is a little over powering right now... I would like to finish all of them by June so the pressure is on... I made mud on a piece that I was preparing for class today... I feel that I can still work with it but the path I've taken to get this far with it is not one I really enjoy. I will bring it in and talk about it and see what happens but the papers that were on the base of this substrate were from the paper bundles outside at the art league so I had wanted to start working with them... didn't like the glazing I did over it and the colors weren't my palette so I was starting out on the dislike mode right off the bat. Hard to work with things your not connecting with... a good thing to talk about in class also how? why? and should you work through that??? question each artist ask ourselves. well off to the get thing ready for class.


  1. So many questions. When you conquer it, you'll wonder why it stressed you so. And... if it doesn't turn out you learn and begin again. Simple?

  2. "making mud" - I knew you'd have an answer for it. I will remember that; makes me feel better.

  3. Good topic to talk about that we fear to bring up, like a bad penny that will keep us in the deep hole of depression or something.. accepting all of the process is not each by far but as soon as we do we become freeer to explore and learn... Now where did that all come from this morning.. I need to hang this on my studio wall for those days when I too feel hopeless in the studio...


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