Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little bits about class yesterday

I didn't take any picture yesterday in class... just too much going on. But I did want to address the Making Mudd stage again.. or as so kindly remind that every piece of art goes through an ugly stage and I think that was Virginia Cobb that shared that in you DVD...(thanks Eve for reminding me) It's a hard stage to go through.. we as creative human being would like to do well with our expression and hard work we put in. But the "Facts Jack" are we do hit these points when the work that we are working has a ugly stage or I like to call it the mudd stage. Where I was pretty much caught in the moment of just pure creation... and not paying attention to what was happening... it could have been the simple motion of rolling over the piece with more paint or scraping on some more molding paste. I know not all work we are creating will enter into these stage... Some piece just magical happen and we are just totally amazed then they're pieces that are going well and it hits the mud and we become stuck and you totally loose it all you might even feel like a failure... But your not.... by far your not.. I had two pieces I brought into show the class and to help them see all artist go through stages like this and yes the piece might not be savable... but with hope it still might be... I talked about how to look at a piece and see what is happening with it and look at what is workable and can you see some areas that have some potential. What is it it that you like so much? what is it that is working? How would you work in that? I can't help but emphasize going back in to the piece and looking at the elements of design and the principles, what are the colors you used? you have line happening? is there shapes forming? Do you have light and dark or value in your color? Call it analyzing or just really taking an honest look at your piece and see what it is asking of you to do next. Don't be afraid... you and I have already made the mud or stepped into the ugly stage you have nothing to loose but learn from it. In the end you may end up with still mud or you will be totally surprised by what came around...At lest you will be aware and enlightened... So much of us goes into your creations/art that we just really enjoy the moment and I think we should have those mudd/ugly ones and look at it as what it truly is.... the process!

Too making some Mudd not and then...

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  1. Hmmm. Maybe I can make some mud today.


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