Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Late start this morning and yesterday's class

Maritza is working in the first layer of glazing on her sample piece. Starting with a lighter hue working into a darker one.
Kim is enjoying the effects that are happening as she adds the layers of glazing. We talked about the different things that can be happening in each corner of your work.

Rachelle, is realy like the effects on your sample piece.

I think Lori is ready to give her piece a polymer layer so she can bring in some image transfers.
Building up the layers.

Sharon and Dorothy are working on the glazing too. Really enjoying their sharing as they are quilters and all the fun techniques use that can be shared with both mediums.

Maritza builds up the next layer of glazing.

Geri's adding her glazing, working a little darker value in some spots. After the desired colors are applied a coat of polymer is added and ready to collage more papers and image transfer to the samples.

Having a late start on the morning today... the hubby is home.. no work... so we are doing a little more family talking as everyone is making their breakfast and heading out the door for work or school. I'm looking at the list here and really having a hard time getting into but I will..( can't have a list and not check something off for the day...oh now what would I do) I'm a little down as I want to walk in the woods but because of the weather and the pea gravel path has a about 3 to 4 inches of ice... so I'm thinking of another area that I can see if walking will be better.. a small plan today. Classes are going well and progress is being made.

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  1. Didn't the ice melt last weekend? You can have a day with nothing checked off, or call it an overdue holiday.


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