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Tack Down Tuesday's

with a short history... 

Five years ago in August,  I started creating a piece of collage work every Monday afternoon, calling it a visual journal entry and a dedications to the artist within. Their mainly about how I feel and what happens to be going on in my life at the moment. I then launched them out to my email list on Tuesday's. Some have found homes while others have become special pieces of greater meaning.

Creativity is a response to our life, how are your responding.

#042417-A, "The Trickster" 14 x 14 piece of collage art on 100% 2 ply cotton mat paper, matted and framed final size 20 x 20

Materials Used: 100% 2 ply Cotton Rag mat board, polymer medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper, painted Kraft paper, magazine resist feathers, graphite pencil and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: I’ve always loved the Coyotes, pretty amazing; their ability to continue to thrive in all environments for centuries is a miracle itself. The Native People tell great stories for laughter, learning and love. I’ve been seeing them a lot in my neighborhood around the Dale Basin and out in the woods…quietly underbrush move swiftly past. The howling to the firetrucks create an eerie sound some days in the middle of the afternoon and then there are times when Hank chimes in….Primal instinct to bound, group belong together.

Today's Tack Down Tuesday's Weekly News

$450.00  plus tax and S/H  

#041717-A, "Inner Strength” 8 x 8 piece of collage art with a 2” white mat to the final size of 12 x 12 ready for you to slide into a nice 12 x 12 frame.  

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics  painted stamped  Kraft papers, glazing and acrylics, graphite and wax pastel crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: Over the weekend I read something to the effect of these words, “we aren’t the type to break easily,”  Which then brought to mind the many trails the human race have gone through and how when tested we pull from that Inner Strength of Resilience. I’ve also wanted to toy around with the ideas of spirit animals and well this might be the first in a few…

Today's Tack Down Tuesday Weekly News  πŸ˜Ž

$225.00 plus tax and s/h

#041017-A, "Chaotic Comforts" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper mounted on a painted 8 x 8 wood panel, free standing.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, sanded magazine paper with acrylic, Citra Solv magazine, Stained deli sheets, painted drawing paper, graphic crayon, acrylics and glazing, wax pastel crayons, black book thread, black carpet tacks, painted birch branches,  sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: So I pull out Collage papers, drawing to the green, resemblance of my environment. Switching things up for myself I prepare an 8 x 8 wood panel. Having no idea this piece would be a free standing piece for a shelf instead of a piece of a wall art. I started with that Horizontal composition and see where it leaves me.  This past week I’ve been limiting my social media, not totally but getting in to life itself and at every turn there is still over spillage of what is happening in our world and the people in it.  What for, our comforts? prestige-prejudice? Who's got more, while others suffer? This is not humane, My heart cringes in this chaos. 

#040317-A, "Life’s rough, beautiful messy bits" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper matted and framed ready to hang on your wall.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, Kraft paper with gesso and acrylics, Kraft paper with gesso, painted drawing paper graphite pencil and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: Just when you think this is great and all in a row like a few ducks, something happens and you’re off kilter or your heading in a different direction. Life isn’t always pretty and perfect…life is more like the rough edges where the richness gathers in the most imperfect ways. After a phase or time in life passes we can see how beautifully it all works out.  Life is in the messy bits.

Today's Tack Down Tuesday Weekly News 

"Two for One today"

#032717-AB, "Good Pars" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper Plus “Spread Over” 4 x 10 collage art on watercolor paper, Demo’s. Demo pieces will not be matted they come to you in their freshest form.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper, old book pages, painted drawing paper, muck up paper, image transfers, stamping, stenciling and gestural lines with graphite crayon, glazing with acrylics and sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: Taking a different spin on things I decided to offer up the two demo’s I created during this weekend’s 3-day workshop at Amber’s Art Place, in Lake in the Hills IL with some great woman.  I’ve been getting a collection of demo pieces lately and I feel this two are worthy.  They will not be matted, that I leave for you to decide. But they will be packaged nice and shipped to your door.
The techniques that I teach in the 3-day workshop are shown in these two pieces. My students and I make the paper for the collages, no store bought product here, all repurposed and altered to our liking.

$75.00 plus tax and S/H


#032017-A, "Gray, White, Green Gold" 14 x 14 collage artwork, matted and black frame to final size 20 x 20, ready to hang on your walls.

Materials Used: 300 lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper, painted drawing paper with graphite and gesso, painted and gesso map page, graphite pencil and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: I found myself needing to find my personal rhythm, this happens for me when I do a demo or teach a class or workshop.  I need to walk the woods and have a quiet time with all that happened, reflecting and letting go.  This is all good not one things bad about this and I’m very grateful I’ve found what works. I’m not always able to do the walks when I need them most. While walking this morning, I witnessed many things changing and happen, a coyote graced my glance with two different moments of a stare.  And then I saw Five Does out looking for the fresh spouts and a beautiful big Red Tail Hawk.  As I walked the second time around I witness an old tree top fall.  Heard the crack and then seen it hit the ground.  No wind so must have been super rotten or soaked with water. 
By the time I returned to the studio I wanted to make a larger piece and one with angles and a favorite color combo of gray white and green gold, which looks like yellow but still I like the relationship between them. I tried hard to stay away from red…I do know I slip it in from time to time, but not today with this piece. And it’s also another one for my healing circle series. This became more of a study working with angles and lines.

$375.00 plus tax and s/h

 #031317-A, "Respond in patterns", 8 x 8 Collage on watercolor paper mounted on a 10 x 10-1" thick, painted wood panel, ready to hang.

Materials Used: 140lb. watercolor paper, polymer medium, polymer resist, old book pages, handmade papers, painted drawing papers, gesso and painted Kraft papers, tracing wheel marks with acrylic, wax crayons, sealed with a UV varnish.

Meaning behind the art: I personal have been reflection on my own patterns and those around me with great hopes. Some dread the Monday that start the week but I favor it greatly. It gives me a chance to begin again and continue the positive patterns I’m trying to continue to establish in my life. Realizing that we are so connected I witness my own patterns of cycles, season and colors I’m attracted to along with shapes. Some of these patterns come and go like the ebbs and flows of life. Times when food is plentiful and times when it’s lean or when there is a home full of joy to the home of sadness. After observing long enough we see we are like the flow of the tides hopeful discarding the patterns that don’t serve us anymore.   But there are those that we cling on to for dear life isn’t there and wish we would just let go already… well I’m looking at growing out of a few before I grow out of a pants size. Here's to Choices…We always have choices, Always have choices,  let make a few good ones and keep the flow moving forward. Wonderful site to learn about pattern Here 

$ 95.00 plus tax and s/h

#030617-A, "We Can Handle This", 8 x 8 Collage on watercolor paper, matted 2” all side to a 12 x 12 ready for a frame.

Materials Used: 140 lb Watercolor paper, polymer medium, found papers from my demo box, painted drawing paper, sanded and alter magazine paper, underlayment paper on my desk that has many layers of paint for leftover papers, wax crayons, turquoise blue glazing and charcoal shadowing, sealed with a UV Satin Varnish

Meaning behind the art:  When I came to my art table to start the Tack Down for this week…I was full of many emotions…not bad but not clear.  So I opened up my demo box that I take with me when I present demo’s and I just grabbed the first paper and that was Purple.  Not one of my first picks but I then grabbed the next, challenged myself to make a piece.  I did a turquoise blue glazing something I don’t every do.  Kind of going against the grain I guess.  So you have these elements you don’t normal work with and you see creativity if you can get it work.  My thinking started to clear as element started to connect I went in to the flow with the thought process of “We can handle this,” and keep right on work with it.  Adding the purple in from the very start was a hope of playfulness for me. Using color with spring around the corner has me anticipating all the richness of the season. 

$75.00 plus tax and s/h


#022717-A  “One Imperfect Bloom" 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper, with 2” mat on all sides, final size 12 x 12 ready to frame.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, old book age, image transfer of Golden Rod Galls, magazine page with word font-One, painted drawing paper, graphite pencil, acrylic and glazing medium, with a UV satin varnish finish. 

Meaning behind the art:
Walking this morning in the woods the Golden Rod Galls are all over the place. Sticking with a round shape and sometimes doubled together.  What an amazing site to see.  I hear it’s a wasp that lays it egg in the stem of the golden rod…the golden rod then creates this growth which becomes the incubator for the fly.  Two totally different living beings needing each other, I remember I had taken photos of the golden rods so when I got in the studio I found an image transfer I didn’t use and I was able to add it the piece…Why word behind it….? Good questions, probably because the word,  “Jesus” was in there and with my personal Creative Quest starting during the lent season I thought I would touch base on all aspects of a spiritual thought and aspect of the word.  The words the long strip of paper read, “Strong steady white live imperfect bloom” 

$75.00 plus tax and s/h

#022017-A  “Wabi Sabi Walk in the Woods" 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper mounted on wood panel displayed as a free standing piece of Collage/assemblage art.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, resist stencils on watercolor paper, stained tissue paper, machine stitching,  painted branches and skewers, painted wood blocks and book thread string tied in with knots with a UV satin varnish finish. 

Meaning behind the art: Feeling like I’m in the Ebb of an Ebb and Flow cycle a bit disconnected and wonky inside I walk in the woods.  This morning there was a fog and with such a warm February it has me unsure about what's going on seasonally. I see the hue of purplish, pink and brown from the wild berry branches and my own anticipation of spring is imagined.  There is this ugliness all around as the last season’s growth hangs over piles up.  The imperfect of this season’s timing is just the way it should be….no questions just acceptance of it all. The wood panel that I selected without knowing it is a bit off in size. I think one side is longer than the other, this is what lead me to work with the piece and it’s imperfections and that’s when I started coming outside the square substrate and adding the sticks and thread.   Ideas came all day after the walk, between doing dishes, baking some bread, walking Hank and painting on my tipi…I’m kind of glad that the breaks of time allow for ideas to flow in and help me work with the piece.

$145.00 plus tax and S/H 


#021317-A  “Resist Patterned Language" 8 x 8 collage art White 2” matted and Black framed, ready for you walls 12 x 12

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, Nevr Dull stencil resist magazine pages. Painted drawing paper, graphite crayon, wax crayons, glazing and black acrylics sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: In Design the study of it the variety of ways on can use the elements and principle just blows me away. I’ve shared with my student many times that it’s a lifelong study.  Here I’m using the drawn circle or ringlet and the same size mostly but by altering the back ground and the change of color it brings in the interest, pattern and variety to the work.  Plus the amount of one color verses the other and the contrast with dark and light. I have a few personal assignments I need to work out for a project and the technique of that too so this is a small step in that directions.  I used a resist technique and the small faint word Language showed up and with the circles the title came, “Resist Patterned Language” which can also fits nicely with today’s ebbs and flows and our state of mind.  

$225.00 plus tax and s/h

#020617 -A, "Hang on, Love ", Collage on 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper, matted with 2” mat all sides ready for a 12 x 12 frame.   

Materials Used: Watercolor Paper 140 lb. polymer medium misc. coated collage papers from painted papers, book page and Kraft papers, Acrylic and glazing medium, wax crayons and stamping of found objects all sealed with a UV satin varnish  

Meaning behind the art:
I started this collage in an all-day work session with a group of collage artist from the Midwest Collage Society. Busy using my time wisely I was able to also finish two sets of front and back overs for some Coptic stitch journals.  Being Valentine’s Day is coming up I had to bring the meaning of Love in…so this piece is called Hang on, Love. 

This weeks Tack Down Tuesday News   ☔


#013017 -A, "Who’s your Maker? ", Collage on 8 x 10 wood panel ready to hang on your walls.  

Materials Used: Wood panel, polymer medium collage papers made from painted drawing paper and kraft paper, graphite crayons, wax crayons, acrylic glazing and acrylics, carpet tacks, and brown book thread.

Meaning behind the art:
Lately I’ve been getting the feeling we-the human race are questioning who are maker is?   We might be asking also how have things gotten like they are?  Then maybe some of us aren’t but we might want to ask this question any ways just to make sure we have clarity on what is good for all us in the long run.  So with the invitation of bright bold colors I also bring in the carpet tacks of imperfection and the brown book thread fraying out from the. Symbolism….?   It could be. 


 #012317-A, "Something Different", 8 x 8 Collage on Wood panel ready to hang on your wall.

Materials Used: Wood Panel, polymer medium, painted drawing paper. Printed deli sheets, glazing medium, graphite pencil, carpet tacks, black book thread, sealed with UV satin varnish

Meaning behind the art: When starting the Tack Down piece today I had no idea what I was going to make.  Instead of pulling out the watercolor paper and taping it off I decided to do something different and collage right on the wood panel.  Not that I’ve not done this before but when you use to doing the same old thing some time’s it can become mundane and boring.  I pulled some coated collage papers and went at it.  Another change was to only push back the paper with some white paint on the bottom and let the other papers stand as there are.   Still doing the shadowing but creating difference from the top to the bottom and I wanted to add some dimension differently so I pulled out my carpet tacks, Oh I do love their imperfect shapes and it felt good to hammer and pound something. Book thread was tied to the tack heads and there you have it.  This piece will become part of my Healing Circle series.  Any time I use a ringlet in my pieces I connect to a healing part with in myself or outwardly in the daily life.    

Today's Weekly Tack Down Tuesday's News   πŸ˜‡

 #011617-A, "Collision Course", 8 x 8 Collage on watercolor, 2” white mat on all sides ready for 12 x 12 frame.

Materials Used: 140 lb. watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, glazing medium, graphite pencil, wax crayons, stamping of rubber stamps, spatter of acrylics, stained tissue paper, painted drawing paper all sealed with UV satin varnish

Meaning behind the art: In heaviness of the state of affairs the controversy has even threaded itself into our family conversations…it’s scary. My feelings, imagination and reactive emotions lend to a major collision course super magnified.  But it’s just feelings…right? Believing this can’t be true and trusting in the human race that we will chose the Red Road not the Black one. The cross road we’ve been at this way-to-long.  I still get up in the morning believing in a good day and that there is hope for us all.

$75.00 plus tax and s/h 

 Side view, Wood Panel

#010917-A, "It’s not a Gamble” 8 x 8 piece of collage on 8 x 8 wood panel.

Materials Used: Wood panel, Acrylics, polymer medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper, painted Kraft paper, painted painted drawing paper, graphite pencil and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: So many things whirling around in my head this morning as I was walking in the woods.  My heart still with moments of heaviness as we loss of our elder four legged fella, Carl, to the  wonderful time working with women guiding them through the process of making a Creative Vision Boards, and to perspective on the beauty of life and death. When I’m in one of these kinds of emotional feeling moments I'm finding I go to a circle or ringlet.  They have been popping up from time to time as a healing symbol for me. As I was creating the piece I came to a point where I had some small punched shapes and I thought of Mark Duchamp and how he would throw the pieces of paper in the air and where they fell that was where they were to be.  Well I ended up tossing them a few times and then I thought about rolling dice and so I made white pieces to go with the blue. One thing leads to the next and the words, It’s not a Gamble came and they stand for Life…life is not a gamble and we shouldn’t treat as one.  

$85.00 plus tax and s/h 

#010217-A, "Full of Excitement” 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper, 2” mat on all sides Ready for a 12 x 12 frame.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper, Painted drawing paper, painted and printed deli sheets, glazing medium and acrylic gestural lines, wax crayons, graphite pencil and shadowing- glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: The New Year has started by the Calendar and with that I started a tradition last year to do a vision board on that day.  Which has happened and it always gets me excited.  The book information that I’ve been filling my Swiss cheese of a brain with lately also has me excited about life and the possibilities, despite any counter conflict in the news. Terrible as it sounds I have really not followed to closely except to know what the weather is.  My walk this morning was very blessed me with quiet and the sounds of nature which always gets me excited in amazement…thank God for the beauty of the seasons and the growth happening where it can’t be seen.          
Tack Down Tuesday's Weekly Visual News     πŸ˜€

$75.00 plus tax and s/h 

Magazine paper sanded and stamped with acrylics and a glazing 

#122616-A, "They Pushed By", 8 x 8 Collage, mixed media on watercolor paper, 2” mat all sides to a final size of 12 x 12, ready for a frame.

Materials Used: 140 lb. watercolor paper, acrylic paints, polymer medium gloss, altered magazines page, white gelly roll pen, graphite pencil, wax crayons, old book pages, painted deli sheets, painted drawing paper, sealed with a coat of UV Satin varnish.

Meaning behind the artI honestly wasn’t going to make a Tack Down Tuesday piece, I was thinking I deserved a break.   But then I couldn’t help myself, a creature of habit and found myself up in the studio spreading and rolling some acrylic paint on the surface after I did graphite gestural and scribble mark.  I found a piece of paper I created from a magazine during a workshop demo and I have been hesitant to use it. But I scanned the magazine paper and now I can print a page any time I want as it’s saved in my files. A bit darker than the original.  The composition on this piece is a cruciform which I greatly emphasized.  Love the repetitive lines and patterns.  I looked over the piece of book page I had for a few word that were grouped together and I kept coming back to these, “They pushed by” and then I put a quarter ringlet instead of a full one. A particle Healing Circle…it’s with resilience and they-people in general pushing through and by. 

Tack Down Tuesday's Weekly Visual News   😏

$75.00 plus tax and S/H 

#121916-A, "RAW" 8 x 8 piece of collage art with a 2” white mat, framed in a 12 x 12 black solid frame ready to hang on your walls.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, polymer medium, acrylics, gesso painted Kraft paper, Stencil sanded magazine paper, crow image transfer, old book pages, stencils, glazing medium, wax and graphite crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: The snow has past and now we are in the pattern of really cold temps.  Huddled in my studio’s warmth I begin this day with getting the small camera out and setting it up on the tripod. The idea of shooting a process video seemed like the next right thing to do.   Digging through my scrap bin, I was thinking of all the materials I have, so much abundance.   To match the temperature outside I decided to face my white watercolor paper with the attitude of RAW and grabbed from the scrap bin to see what present itself.  The first thing is the word She.  That word, “She” seems to stand for Our Mother Earth.  After last weeks no show for Tack Down Tuesday, thankful I had an extra few done, the feeling about today’s Tack Down is to just get raw, reactive and responsive to each step, making new choices as I go with no set plan. Hope you enjoy the video.   https://youtu.be/Sq2B_CvGdhY

Tack Down Tuesday's Weekly Visual News  πŸ˜‰

$225.00 plus tax and s/h 


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    Saw your collages on Pinterest. Just wanted to say they are absolutely amazing.

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  2. Thanks you Meg...not all my doing, trusting in something bigger.

  3. your work shows such a strong sense of design, Laura. It is a pleasure to view and enjoy, thank you. Win

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    Prolific, inspirational, life mentor, disciplined, genius; a few modest humble descriptors and the lists continues

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