Artist Way Rambles

I being the Artist Way, 10/2017

A list of words and statement that I personal connect with in the Introduction

  • Creative Living
  • Exercise in open mindedness
  • Spiritual Electricity
  • Creativity helps us round into full time people
  • Simple and straight forward
  • Creating pathways for creative force to operate
  • Creativity is like your blood.
  • Marching orders - intuitive, what do you hear?
  • Force to find a new creative path
  • Get out of the way
  • Show up on the page
  • The ideas that I could be sane, sober, and creating terrified me-personal accountability.
  • God must become an activity in our consciousness.-Joel S. Goldsmith

There are moments when this is the combined thought....."It's not Odd, it's God,"   I don't need to explain it or describe it to a point of separation just to state...the moments that bring awareness and mindfulness.  I didn't even get into the next section of the Artist Way and I'm already brought to awareness for my own needs. Everyone that reads the Artist Way and works through the section will get a different experience...and rightly so we are individuals but we are together on this planet called Earth.  We can share our stories and be heard and allowed to work at part of ourselves where we stumble at times.

Continuing on....
Stirring the self awareness pot for sure....maybe too much but it's enlightening to read again... filling the well with images, Art is born in attention and it's midwife is that saying.  Activate the senses...touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing...These are the elements of magic and magic is the elemental stuff of art. Artist's language is a sensual one, a language of felt experiences. When we work on our art, we dip into the well of our experience and scoop out images. 

Sight leads to insight 

Remember, Art is an artist brain pursuit. this brain is reached through rhythm-through rhyme, not reason.  Any regular, repetitive action primes the well. 

On to Recovering a Sense of Safety  Week 1- which will enable you to explore you creativity with less fear. 

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