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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Little did I know...

When I was small...could have been between 7-10 years old, I had one of these.  I found out it was a Ruttman blah blah blah....don't know more than that. All I know is mine was orange like this and with white fenders not silver or shiny metal and it went fast.  I would ride it around the back yard, which was about an acre.   I had some ruts back there behind the garden section...was pretty cool.   My dad took it all apart and cleaned the parts and spray painted the frame, got new tires for it and seat.  That was my pride and joy.  I think I was the only girl with a mini bike...except for my cousin Doris and Uncle Don's family.   Kept us busy for sure.  One day though we left the garage door open while we went to McDonalds and when I came back to go ride it....it was gone. Someone had taken it... I looked all over the garage...even in places like drawers that it wouldn't even fit...looked and looked, how could I not see it.   My mom called the police and they took a report but never found it. 

I think that's when afterwards I got a Go-Cart...

Thinking about my dad and the things he did for us...The fun we had outside tearing up the yard...not to bad though.

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