Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What does you heart love? Can you make a list 1-50?

1. morning quiet with candle, coffee and journal writing.
2. before the sun comes up a morning walk
3. raking leaves listening for the sandhill cranes migrating over our house.
4. good BLT sandwich
5. immature goofiness and laughter among family
6. walks in the woods being present, connecting spiritual to the world. to skin touch
8. home cooking good smells in the house
9. being rescued by my man-the husband
10. long rich deep conversation with a long old girlfriend
11. my four legged friends
12. listening to the inner thoughts, needs and creating outward.
13. Road trip north
14. tending to my yard, gardening
15. a clean home
16. dressing up for no reason but to feel good in my clothes
17. connecting in a circle with others
18. a good drumming circle
19. Gong session
20. sitting in a rocking chair rocking and meditating.
21. frozen blueberries, like M&M but better
22. clean eating
23. witnessing others enjoy life and growing, my adult children now
24. Having moments of peace, calm and solitude
25. seeing and hearing the wildlife all around our home.

I'll leave my list at that for now....feeling the heart tugging. After making note of the things your heart loves


  1. Good to "see" you again, Laura. I'm finally sort of back after a long absence.

  2. Hope all is well with you Paula. Good to see you too.


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