Friday, August 09, 2019

So Yesterday...Keys to the Van???

 Walked the woods for a little bit before food shopping..
Bee Balm love to see a field of it.
found this feather in the early evening while trimming back some of the dead plants...was hidden underneath. 

My little drama for this mama... Yesterday. 

So yesterday I was in the right place at the right time, Helped a dog owner out at the dog park...had a car that started at home drove to the dog park and walked the dog and realize she'd left her keys at home. (silly new cars) I gave her ride to her place to get her keys, nice chat and we were on our way. Today I go food shopping and throw my keys on the floor of the van while loading a bag of dog food in and then shut the door...didn't unlock the other doors so had to call for help, My mother in law to the rescue....I've been getting out of my routine of how I gather my stuff in and out of the Van...and well this is the side effect of that. So thankful for the breeze, was great the cloud movement so cool to watch while I waited and I had the cooler so my bacon didn't go bad...Live and learn...been a long time since I did that number on myself. Non police don't help anymore with the new a locksmith I guess...or like my husband did break a window...yicks.. grateful to be home and have been helped...Karma right?

I am very grateful for my mother in law,  I don't usually call on her she's a very busy person with the other side of the family as they need her more... Glad she was home..Thanks Mom~ 

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