Saturday, August 10, 2019

Off to see how Fast it is.....

 This was in 2016...getting it ready to go off to Union Grove where he will run it down the track...,

As you can see I sneak a photo of him from the front door. 

It was about 6:30 when the garage door opened up and the sound of his vehicle rolled out.  Moving things around and pulling the trailer out and loading it up.  It's 2019 and off he goes again new motor and adjustment to run it down the track to see how fast.  I not sure how I'm to feel.  Proud of my son that he's capable to build and learn all this stuff. Scared because it's a risk deal going that fast down a race track.  Though to think of it one could be harmed worse in their own home or neighborhood. 
He's all safe and ready to go, even a tent to stay out of the sun.  He gets a bit nervous and short on responses and we get we the parents give space and wish for the best and bring him home safe. He's doing what he's dreamed of and wanted to do.  We are still proud of him.  

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