Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Vision Board

Vision Board Workshop was a very moving and emotional time. 
We started with inviting the four directions, father sky and mother earth into our circle. Then we honored ourselves with a smudging of sage and lavender, to relax, calm and rid negativity. 

Shared about ourselves and a bit of discussion, which opened the door to synchronicity and connection. As we shared we found out all the different connection we had.  Bring us closer and a rich feeling of belonging. 

We went though our magazine and trusted our judgement and the choices we made. Working a system of larger images, medium and smaller. With an image of ourselves we figure out where our birth month would be made placement on the poster board.  18 x 24 is a great size for a vision board. 

Lunch and then we painted rocks from Door County, smooth ones and when dried later in the date we wrote our word for they year on it. 

Most of the vision board were complete, a few adjustments when we get home and as we shared around the table we were trusting in each that emotions where high and beautiful,  where were vulnerable and tears were shed...all so good. 

So very grateful to be in a circle of truth and love. 

 Mary Beth
Laura's Second one.

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