Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Double digits below 0....Create away

 Drill the holes through the board, 6 x 9 sizes

 Coat on both sides with the Gloss medium, if you want to tack down with a iron your collage papers.

 Cradle holds the signatures in place and using my guide I poke the holes with an awl.

 For my Morning Page Journal I have 12 signatures, 10 pages in each and sew them all together. 
They seem to last me about 3 months, about 4 to 5 a year I make...don't let my husband know...I've be stashing the written one up in the attic.  Many boxes up there of Journals. teehee....

 Collage papers coated and now being fused to the board. Front, back and the insides.

Love my feathers and these are image transfers on the white paper. The feathers I original made with the gel plate and stencils. I photographed them so I could use them in my art work and make them many different sizes. 

Next step is to sew the coptic stitch journal together. Going to use black waxed thread.  The temp is -22 going into the night and tomorrow too.  Hunker down and stay warm and use your time wisely they say.  Winds are blowing strong as I hear the storm bell ringing.  


  1. Loved your words, "...many journals up in the attic, tee-hee."
    I'm almost done with mine. Time to buy another one from you!
    Thanks for the process pics too. Always enjoy sharing in your journeys.


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