Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stitching, Betta, and Bras...

It wasn't till later after dinner that I got up to the studio for a bit.  The ideas of using a book page and printing a image on it through my printer was processed and worked.  Just need to make the adjustment on the printer settings to take a bit thicker paper. I attached the books page which just had lines on it and said Notes in the upper corner to a piece of computer paper with double face tape.  Crossing fingers it would work.  And it did, printed to images just in case. 

I stitched it to the Grunge paper that is very pliable.  Then I got some raw cotton batting from these chocolate gift pack that was shipped to the house.  Thought it was cool to save and use for something. Well there you have it stitched the cotton on to the section where the grocery bag with gesso is added.

This will evolve as I go down the strip or long walk in the woods...kind of my experience of that.  seeing the Crow fly over as I walk upon the path is a great first sight some times.

My new fish...not sure why the husband is all worried about it...and didn't want me to have one but I didn't listen to him and purchased one yesterday. The water was ready clean and been sitting for a few days and while I was out and by the pet store...All fancy finned ones are males.  The female don't have the long fins like this. And this breed is a Half Moon one. Silly but not thought of a name yet. Got a Moon Zappa from my Oldest Daughters friend, she has raised them before. 

Found this image on line it's a white Orchid maybe mind is close to that.

And Bras's....I gifted myself with the purchase of new bras...then'll be coming in the mail.  Happy I'm taking care of my self with little things in a big way.

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