Saturday, October 06, 2018

Still doing the paper dance into Demo Day

The ladies in the workshop added color to there papers and went back into their larger brown bag papers.  A bit easier day.

  I through in one more paper to make, like the grunge paper using the gloss medium as a resist, the ladies use a sponge and stencils...When dried they added color. Great papers.

 Starting off with maps and book pages...then just keep adding color ..

My Demo piece today, "Spirit Bear. This is a wood panel with a 12 x 12 board and I turn it around and use it as a shadow box for the Floating collages.  The flower and polar bear are an added segment that will be raised up along with the main part of the collage. It's not glue down yet in the box but I will add some finishing touches to the piece tomorrow...just need to get the general idea out there..I want to make the out part of wood panel box a different color...going for the color!  

Great Day Today!  we made Red Roof collages too but will get more photo's tomorrow. 

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