Friday, September 07, 2018

Tiny journals, Collaborated Art, and clothing

So the shadow boxes for my two panels were built by my collaborators husband and now what do I put in this...going back to some sketches...had wanted to cut up old books and take the covers off and line them up in the slot/shadow box area. But then I pulled out my tiny journals and found out they fit perfectly in their.  As you can see I jumped on the ideas and started cutting paper to size and folding them into in each little journal.  Preparing the book board now and soon when I get back from the workshop in Nebraska I'll be stitch up my little babies. 

This piece of art work sold a while back though I was able to send on image into Dolcezza, the company out of Canada that I've been working with for the last few years...well you can see they did well with the design on their clothing line.  

An artist friend of mine found this jacket in a store in Frankfort IL 

This is a warmer winter jacket that the artwork is on...

This is the store in Frankfort IL 

And I Just found this image is being shown in Paris this weekend...just blown away and so very grateful for this opportunity. 

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