Saturday, July 07, 2018

One of those Mornings....

Life...sometimes you got this....other times you are so powerless....

Recently in readings from one of the many books I read in the morning hours before other wake up I came upon this..."Emotional Balanced and Spiritual Peace"

That's what I want...but it's not always that simple is it.  I strive for it on most days with the daily practice of Morning pages.

Morning Pages (from Finding Water, Julia Cameron)

In order to find our creativity—or, for that matter, our spirituality—we must begin with where we are. The Great Creator meets us exactly where we are standing—in “the Now”—but sometimes we do not know where that is. We may have moved through our lives unconsciously for a while, perhaps for a great while, and so we must find and take up a tool that tells us where we are and how we actually feel about that. This is the beginning of honesty, and honesty is the first step toward greater creativity.

No details but there was a lot of feelings coming out on the pages, not proud of them but it was my honest stuff.

I don't know what I would do with our morning pages...

 2" thick and a 8 x 8.5 

Three Flat...8 x 8 collage made as a demo in my last workshop

In a few weeks I know I'll be moving to this journal....all re purposed material.  Free paper for writing on, a map with white paint and collage papers left over from the collages I made at the last workshop.   I get all excited about making these.

From Finding Water....about Morning Pages...

When we first undertake Morning Pages, we are often astounded by the number of things we feel bad about. We may worry that by admitting our negative feelings we are encouraging them. This is far from the case. Jungians call it “meeting the Shadow.” I call it meeting the Shadow and asking it for a cup of coffee. When we ventilate the negative, we make room for the positive.

I've been doing my morning pages daily for over 24 years it lie....but it's reading Julia Cameron's Words that also help keep this gal on track.  And I think the first artist way was published in 1992. My twins were one year old.  So that was 26 years ago...I remember picking up the book and hearing about her having an artist way gathering in close...and though how cool.

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