Saturday, July 21, 2018

Micro Mini 2-Day Collage Workshop,

This was the watercolor paper that was divided up in to 2" squares, we  worked on them all together then we cut them out and added more embellishments, collage, stenciling, stamping, stitching and beads. 

Kathy's and Carol's piece's 

Melissa's piece's 

Carol's piece 
The small shadow boxes are wood panels that we turned around and made into shadow box frames. Painted them to the colors that when with our micro mini's. 

 Melissa's collection of micro mini's is something...she's going to have a great time with time.

These are both Marion's in the shadow box. There raise up so the float. 

Close up for the micro mini's on cards. These are Kathy's 

Color and Play...with a viewfinder over it. 

Then I put the embellishments on there and threads...the turn buttons are on there to hold the sheet of thin plastic, this is one of mine....  

this one isn't finished yet in process but I ended up making a hat...kind wild I know. 


  1. There is something magical about such tiny pieces. They demand a closer look. Great workshop Laura!

  2. That is so true Jo, Thanks


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