Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Earth Day 2018, Planning next exhibit

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 

This is a quick image of the field across the street from my home. It's a big cattail basin and its also a place where people feel OK about tossing there trash, though there are some days it's a bit windy and stuff has blown in there from our recycle bins. But every since they dug it deeper and the cattails have grown in the neighborhood seem to care and watches for the trash that builds up. 

I think it was last Tuesday that I went out and cleaned up things as much as possible.  And this is a repeat photo of me getting ready...Nothing special but I see my resemblance of my father in me. 

Dropped off the artwork yesterday in Harvard IL.  That was a road trip because then I stopped by Cheryl's studio and seen the big Mural on the wall...Right by the Fox River, Paramount Theater and the Casino. Pretty cool, there are details that have to be worked wasn't the kindest...but I'm sure it will be looking good shortly. 

All the excitement yesterday I had to lay down and relax a bit...then I was thinking and before I know it had some paper out and was noodling the plans for the Exhibit I was invited to fill in at the Woodridge Public Library. I'll be hanging it May 1st.  
3 rows of 4 panels together both sides and 1 row of 3 panels. 
This might be looking like a retrospect of my work. Lots of panels to fill and grateful for it. 

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