Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Slipped in a artist date....

Next to American Science and Surplus....there is a paint story and I just had to take a picture of the window display....BiG Swatches of ColoR, Awesome right? 

And here I am on a March date with snow coming down...all the way home too.  But to walk this store of surplus is so great....My mind and eye's were at some points...stalled, just trying to read and take it all in...they have this great little explanation for things written on the product boxes that has you reading and looking.  REalLY TeSting my DyLexicA....I was exhausted on the ride home. 

A piece of my work Keen Eye was up for sale at the Paramount Grand Gallery and I took it down and changed out my work a few weeks ago and I had a women contact the gallery interested in the piece.  She lived out west more so I met her half way in Geneva.   Got their early and had Lunch by myself at Nosh's...Bowl of Tuscany soup and some toasted french bread and butter...of course I had to dip it in the soup too. Was a much need day to refill myself with images.

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