Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Begin Again-Process Work

 Slipped in some collage paper palette making between the holiday and getting read to use them for larger works in a series. Just using large sheets of drawing paper 80lb. and applying color for what I need and creativity creating papers that look like the magazine papers I use for my sketches now have to be made for the large works....

This is where the growth happens as an artist, well for me that is.  When I recreate papers I find I'm in the problem solving mode...and it's challenging and exciting at the same time.  I needed to create papers for larger works and sometimes it changes and becomes some thing new.  

Not sure this paper will work but it was fun creating the resist with the polymer and then applying the glazing and wiping it off...some character was add to the imperfect results. I'm excited. I have a 24 x 24 Wood panel to introduce the composition again and see how it changes. 

So on the left is the first sketch and on the right here is the composition recreated to the best of my ability with the papers I made.  Something always changes just a slight bit...which is a natural course I find.   Also as I said before it's hard to copy yourself....inner critic is judging and that's when you have to let it know this is a process and it's not suppose to be just perfect.  

Begin Again
8 x 8
Collage on 140lb. watercolor paper, 
All papers made with acrylic paints on 80lb drawing papers with drawing media in gestural marks. Fused to the watercolor paper surface. 

I'm planning on three more piece from the paper I've made with each surface changing in composition. 

Tuesday Tidbit News Dec. 26th 2017

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