Monday, June 05, 2017

Printing MCS meeting

 Ginni Guzior was our workshop/demo presenter yesterday.  Geli plates, Gelatin plates and what every else we could find to use a plate and print from using the layers of stencils. Ginni is a Book maker, art teachers and jewelry maker.  It was a fun time.

Of course I was playing with feathers some ideas to attach them to the drum or the drum sticks.   Off today to work on a Moose hide drum the last of the three to make.  And then on to a book I want to write... on blurb.  Putting it out there before the cart...a bit scary but it's good to have some plans and put things in motion.  


  1. A bit scary? Good. Let Confucius explain, haha.
    The talents and weaknesses we are born with get in the way if we allow them to determine what we can and cannot do. The only thing you really need to be good at is the ability to train yourself to get better.
    Laura, you have learned how to deliberately break with what you think you know about yourself, and that is scary-good!

  2. You're doing so many wonderful things! I can't wait to read your book!


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