Saturday, May 13, 2017

Playing and packing up

Well went down my list and got it all sitting here ready to haul down stairs on Wednesday or maybe earlier. The rest of the week I have time to prep foods for myself and pack up my clothes.   All for the read trip up North soon. 

Will I was playing I pulled full image pages out of the National Geographic and poured some Citra Solve in a glass bowl and grabbed a brush, newspapers, a piece of cardboard and small brayer had. 
There seems to be some difficulty getting the right effect.  So since I pulled them out of the magazine I had to place them between the cardboard.  brushed on the citra solv very generously and pressed on the cardboard and played with the brayer. Took a bit of time then is started to do it's magic.  Towards the end of the pile I got side tracked and then came back that's when I got the bubble effect.  

 Outside lighting...coming back to a old paper making process for collage was fun it got me thinking...what if I stamped on the polymer with a stamp I made and let it dry then brought in the Nevr Dull and pulled off most of the color. Seem's like over kill but that bug hit me...I wonder what if I tried this and see what happens.

So here is what the results where...the paper was on the right was like the paper on Left...and now after the stamped area's are dry with the polymer I used the Nevr Dull and rubbed gently over the area and I like the results.  A long process but just wanted to see what would happen.

Some people don't want to go through the process of creating papers and find it to be to much materials, products and things to do.  I was just telling my Open studio class something to that effect. We are moving faster then we know it with how information comes in with the technology we have and I feel it creates an addiction to instinct gratification effect.  We expect it every where....from our food, to information to and to creating...

All these silly steps nudges some of us further in the taking more risk and in fact creating new ways to create papers for collage and make the work even more interesting...Rambling I know...sorry.

So with all the supplies being pulled out I couldn't help myself but to play around too.  What might have taken about 2 hours was a good 4 and half.

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