Monday, May 01, 2017

Moving On ~

So with my vision board I'm able to break it down and work with it in section...thanks for that and today I'll be meeting the Sage Woman in the picture here.  Well not the really one in the picture but an elder I consider full of Sage~  With the rain we've been getting I used my time wisely this weekend and sewed.....Why do I make things that involve repetitive behavior?  

So excited I had to hang them somewhere...

What's funny is I don't realize how all the stacking of stuff is around the studio till I look at these photo's....every year I get rid of stuff but I still have more stuff...but it's all good stuff.  My studio space to me is big but to there's that have out of the home studio's it seems small...No matter it doesn't stop me for being a maker of things.  My vision board section showed the word prayer and the flags with the sage woman and crow down in the bottom.  This symbols come together with out understanding till you really start to look and stay open for their meaning....During my Creative Question time I was doing a lot of inner mind work and that involved prayer and self actualization I'm happy to say that I had high Expectation and didn't meet them all perfectly....Did I really think I could...I didn't know when I started off but I have it my hardest and still came out learning and growing and imperfect with prayer flags and a piece of artwork that I'm waiting for the shipment of a new Duvet Cover for our bed.

this is Blue Feathers, a 30 x 30 I've been working on after I finished painting the up on Fine Art America 

Now I'm all excited it's May 1 I get to change my vision board card for the next two months I'll be working with this one. 

Do you see the Blue Feathers. I'm all excited that I've already put that part in action...Can't wait to see it and the Coyote...a spirit animal I've been working with...Live is good and I'm living it creativity and with full time Passion.  Thank You Mother Earth and Father Sky...and the Universe~   


  1. I really like that Blue Feathers collage. Your tipi and prayer flags look wonderful too. Very powerful!

    1. Thanks Uta...the theme of the feathers or any kind of feather I guess...

  2. Thanks Laura, for reminding me to be THANKFUL.


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