Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Looking into the Future.....

At this point....early morning after morning pages I contemplate my day.  First off being home for the Husband package that is to arrive today and needs a signature.....(oh the things you do for love) and what foods I would like to bring and make up in advance to bring up to Wisconsin.  And the natural anxiety going on about the trip up, and presenting a workshop and trying like to do a good job.

I know that walking is a way for me to release energy that needs a better direction then being bottle up inside me.  Crazy also as it sounds to be working on something else so that I don' t have to say feel the full brunt of it emotional....and it just feels good to redirect.

So I've been working with the people at Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oak Brook IL and setting up some classes. First we need to OK dates and times.

off the pier down by North Shore... 

Here's a line up for ideas

Collage and Spirit Animals

Mind, Body and Creative Spirit -Day Retreat

Artist Way 13 weeks

Vision Board- first Saturday of Jan 2018 

Winter Art Journaling 

and Prayer Flags in March- Day workshop 

This will bring me in to March....

Now to get descriptions and supply list ready...that will have to wait till I get back from Dillman's workshop.  

I would like to engage the creative spirit so this allows people interested to explore a side of themseves that might have been set aside and is crying to come out.

Just like any good business you have to be thinking ahead and looking into the future, for publication, advertising, marketing and to give people enough time to work into their schedules.

At this point I'm winging it all...showing up, putting time and effort in and out there...but like I always share it's like fishing.  You bring your tackle, small bucket to sit on or fold up chair. Possibly you have a snack or a lunch packed and you have your bait on the hook, a bit of bug spray or something to keep the no see'em away. ....good early morning and you cast........a few more times you cast....will you get a bite will you bring home the big one....?

One never knows...sitting in uncertainty isn't all terrible and frightening... But there is no way of knowing what truly will happen.  Putting your trust out there and with faith right along side it is all you got at this point... presentation and listening to you inner guide.

 Rambles about looking into the to get real...bed to be made, body needs to be exercised, dog too and then get on with the day ahead. I'm excited for the line up...This is one place ...just have to keep stress levels in tack and mind with body balanced.... Moving forward, working with purpose and exploring my own creative spirit is the gift I've been given to part of and I'm so thankful for those around me that trust in this process too.

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