Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Walk the path of who we already are

Quote from Dr. Kelly Flanagan 

"Walk the path of who we already are."

So wild....every other week you can receive an email from Untangled and this morning this one hit me...I love the words together "walk the path of who we already are."  
I'm not immune to or never was to the "am I good enough thoughts?"   during my morning pages the words, nature, natural, hard working,  gentle observation, earth, woman, flow and live came....this is the path I struggle to stay on. 
With all the influences being shoveled in at us with every second of space in our day if we are even close to a technical device....I cry out for the world of my youth.  This brings me back to what I share often....Picasso said, 'it takes a long time to become young again, " or something like that.   But the young again is about moment without judgement and innocence and pure joy of play.  I've had a taste of it but going back is not the answer...that would set you up to be stuck in the past always chasing what you can't bring back.  
So what is this all about that I'm rambling...been silent and rolling around in my head...I am a woman, creative spiritual being with a gift to work hard and share naturally and seek guidance from a natural flow in life. a la la land...yes I do have these moments and along with them there are challenges that come up and creative ways to solve and work through them.  
I've been through this cycle before...this pattern of my being....I created a piece of art to help me through a few years ago...though it was a demo piece during a doesn't make one invincible  to the struggle of inner thoughts and life around you.  You put the face on and muddle through.  

Resilience- the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness.  
Many people feel they might be a fool or phony in their creative endeavors especially when there is some success in even the littlest of achievement...the feeling "I don't deserve that."  
Wow... our worth...who and what along the way messed with that....makes me angry..but I've heard angry is fuel to be used in the process of change, the change one can make for themselves....
and then the end quote from Dr. Kelly Flanagan... 
"So, Little Ones, when you’ve lost your way and you wish you could do something impossible like rewind time, remember this: there is one thing that is always possible—it is always possible to return to the center of who you are. You will find there the truth of your worthiness whispered upon the tongue of grace and it will, quite simply, never steer you wrong. " 
Seeking to return to the Center of who you are is a very interesting journey filled with new insight and understanding.  
I'm just reading about this as the three gems of Buddhism... mind you just sliding the surface of it but it's just tickles me when connections come up,  it's like awe moments, yes a bit of enlightenment. 

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