Thursday, March 09, 2017

Jumping around from inside to out

The prints came today from Fine Art America...I'm really impressed with them.  Before I put them in plastic sleeves I had to get them to while the were lay flat under some form core I went out side...I was inching to get some of the dried grow from later fall cleaned up.  I got a fire going with all the maple branch I've been collecting and burned some of the tall grasses and other dried plants.  Then the Sand hill Cranes flow over..still more coming it feel so good to be close to nature.  After that went to lunch with the husband and had a piece of pie...He loves to get a BLT at Bakers Square.  So as go into a food coma...I spent some time inside the house in the studio wrapping up the prints I'll be bring with me to Waupaca WI.  Things are falling into place.  Tomorrow I'm crossing fingers the Pillow's I order will be here too.  So now I have working woman hands with cuts and scratches and some good earth under the nails...All will clean up nicely later.

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