Friday, March 03, 2017

Blue Values-A Makers Tale

After teaching my last morning class....sad but happy great new art friendships are formed...I ate a good health lunch and got busy in the studio.  Something that came up in the class was about how when showing our work we always want to explain that it's not done yet.   We are our worst critique and I'm a culprit of that too.  As I show and tell what I did yesterday with the prayer flags I want to say...but wait till you see them all...this is just a start.  When in fact while creating them I had a plan of less is more in mind.  I was limiting my color palette to blues and white and and only selecting a few of the tools to work with on the geli plates.  Adding water to the sheet first was a neat lesson..anything I printed which turned out cool blend in with a seconds.  And other things I did while playing with my limited too..I'm sure I will use later in some artwork.  As I continue this personal exploration I delighted inside that I've wanted to pull out the geli plate and have it for so long it's just to much.  I do reach a point becomes...mundane and I know time to stop and move on to something else.  I have many obligations to up hold to during this time. 
(60-5=55 to go Prayer Flag Count)

Yesterday Green Tea bag became the start....Tea is taking an important role in this chunky journal so far. As I share with my art Journaling students.  The first layer and then a few more are never the good stuff it's always a few layer built up then things start to come together.  Which I love and hate together.  In the Instant world one would have the golden touch and make great works with out any effort but what fun would be in there...way to special.  So I'm opting for the layers of ugliness first and then allow more to be reveal and stay gosh that's the best part is to stay open if'll miss your cue as a co creator. 

Off to walk now taking my big boy Hank out for a cool walk. 

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