Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where did these pieces get their start?

 Be Enough
 Center Stage

These three piece got there start up in Wisconsin during a Workshop in 2015 We were creating one large sheet of paper and from there it became our inspiration to create other papers by the way one freely explores art material how to use them.  The inspiration come from the inside out.

I've been working with Dolcezza for the last three or four years, this clothing company, Michael Phillips,  comes from Canada. Thy that saw my work on Fine Art America...And the rest is history..right?    I guess want I to say is, you never know where things are going to have hints and signs.   I remember early on listening at area art leagues about teaching up at Dillman's and well good people shared that I would be a good candidate for teaching and here I am working on year number 7. I still have a hard time believing it...I feel like I just keep pedaling and wild blessings like this keep happening.  Which I'm not at all taking for granite I just want to honestly share the path that revealed itself and what an honor it's been. Good people like the Robertsons, Dillman's Art Workshop Retreats and the wonderful souls that take the classes and workshop, their the heart of this.

If you're in the Wisconsin Area by Waupaca, I'll be there in March 11th...see the flyer below along with some other jewelry will be a great time.

And if you would like to take a great workshop in Abstract Mixed Media Collage with me you can sign up with this coupon... Limited time though...

$40 Off
Expires on Mar 3, 2017
Call 715-588-3143 between now and March 3, 2017 to reserve a Dillman's Creative Arts 2017 workshop, and receive $40 OFF your purchase. See the workshop schedule here:
Special event coming up 

This event is going in  Addison IL  Mark your Calendar. 

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