Saturday, February 04, 2017

Nature has her ways....

I walk in the woods often and I realized the word for why I do that and it's about restoring my personal rhythm. Not that I want to be a sponge bob type but I am and can't help myself sometimes and I take in soak up stuff I sometime have no need for in my life.  So walking in woods is my way to reconnect to nature and myself.  My husband long for day on his chopper that he ride in on the old road solely for hours, waves at a farmer or just a passer by...that's his way of restoring his personal rhythm.   

Being aware of the timing for moments of reconnect and doing something about is so important. Since our Little Guy Carl passed....there's tings of welling up now and passes. There's a opportunity for me to walk Hank more give him more exercise which we all know is good for all involved. 

Share a little story about that.... So when Hank was little we taught him to go and get the newspaper, Carl was to small to carry it in and in fact he seem to not be a fetcher kind of dog...he was a herder and protector of his property.  So with a young big fella Hank we got him to go and get the paper..and then when I would food shop I would have him carry  something like the huge bundle of toilet paper...what a funny time that was but he did it for treat.   

So Now Hank is 6 years old and for a Great Dane that's Senior Years the Vet shares with there's some arthritis happening for sure in the long legs of his.  What's amazing to me is how the act of carrying something home has giving us a new job.   You see I live around a Cattail basin and every spring I get my Rubber boots on and grubby clothes and rake with some garbage bags to gather as much trash that blows in though the winter season or what people dump out there.  But with the lack of snow I have the hardest time walking Hank and seeing the trash in the Cattail Basins.  Hank and how just now the last two time have been picking up the trash and when there's some that Hank can carry he gets all excited and carries it home...well there are a few times he nose directs the purpose and I have to redirect him.  It's become our job and with the sun that has been out too it's really added a boost in our steps it's helping Hank enjoy life more...Cause he's had Carl as his elder figure all his life...they would howl together all the time...Now when Hank bring tears to my eyes..cause his buddy is gone.  

Yes I'm still working through some grief with the lost of Carl but Nature and being outside has always been a way to when I saw this little 4 minute movie and how I restore some balance in my life it could help but reflect....

A lot of time I head to the woods so I can count to much noise of life if I could live in nature all the time that would be such a blessing and what a I tell the husband spread my ashes when I pass away some day out there in the woods somewhere...and I'll be a happy camper....

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