Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love Boxes

 Blick brand, Pine wood panel boxes, turned upside down taped off read to paint the inside.

 Created a collage of colors and shapes...sponged, stenciled and glazed...then cut out hearts.

 Stained the outside of the boxes and sanded them a bit on the edges...just to give the warn in look.

 Untitled #2
 Untitled #3
 Untitled #4
 Untitled #5
Big and Little Love

The boxes have a sheet of clear thin plastic to protect the hearts and the turn button which I love hold it on. I'll put a hanger on the back. They can sit on the shelf or hang on the wall.

the untitled ones are 4 x 4 box and the last one is 6 x 6 one.    For my family on Valentines Day.

I was thinking of writing a quick how to do pdf of the process...I documented the steps as best I could...Would a small fee be OK for the down loadable PDF...?  Thinking about doing that. Might not be time for this with the Valentine Holiday just on Tuesday.

Went up in the studio for about 6 hours today making theses...I had so many other things to do which I was preparing for as of some papers for the workshop in Elk Grove Village on Saturday the 18th...but mostly worked on this all. I had the idea in my journal this morning even did a little sketch of it...

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  1. I think charging a small fee sounds very reasonable. However, given the short timeframe to Valentine's, maybe next year? Seems a shame to wait that long, but I don't know that folks will have time to see it, get the pdf, then get the supplies and make it in time for Tuesday, especially if they may want to mail them to someone. Just my 2 cents!! You could always do it this year and then repeat - first annual release of Valentine treasures!


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