Friday, February 24, 2017

Chunky Journal

Yesterday after my morning class...I came home after hitting the sheets there for the prayer flags but I did find a stuffed bear for Hank...

I had some lunch and head to the studio...painted a few more beads on the tipi...there some big beads....let that dry and then started on some journal covers.  When I cut the boards for the Journals there's some small section left so I was able to make the 4 x 6's one too.  I use Multi Media papers so I got 10 signature with four papers's a chunky one.  I need to make a closure for it...seems it wants to spread out like a fan.   Which is cool but not all the time. 

While I was collaging the covers I watch three episodes of Art21 Very interesting.  

Well the second journal if not busy today as I do my volunteer time at Water Street Studio's today I will stitch it up...for my morning page Journal.  

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