Thursday, January 12, 2017

Art Journaling and Book Discussion as Inspiration

Today with the funky weather....hope that we can all meet for the first class in Tree Spirited Woman Book Discussion and Art journaling. I think I packed my studio again...Yikes but it's the first day so I want to show possibility with supplies.

More Later.....

As you can see this is not a journal but a big piece of grocier bag that I brought in for everyone to "loosen up" on... as adults we want to open up but we might be a bit rusty at it and all these tools and art gosh how do you play with them?  And that is what this first day was about.  Holding the pencil or pastel pencil in the opposite hand and making a mark or holding a drawing took in a certain way that is different from if you were going to write you name...explore, experiment drag that tool across the surface to see what you can do and what you like to do with it.  For me Art Journaling is a practice of letting go...Big Letting go and you can always cover up something if you don't like it and begin again..

Heads down body ups and moving Great to see, though we all won't be able to keep that pose up all day...or backs will be talking to us...but this is good to see kids like to stand up and get involved....later on we can sit for when the details need to be made.

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