Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve....Letting go and coming into ones own~

Let go of the past.....this last year, which has been lived fully and with gusto. I'm terrible about remembering...always gear for moving forward.   I have memories but I seem to need cue's to guide me back in to the memory.   I think it's more so that I have feelings about the memory and not the images so much...and that's how I document things. Make sense...being a feelings kind of girl or sensitive which some would questions but I am...hiding and be strong still the moment I'm alone and I fall apart...only to regroup, sort and begin again.

This past year I have been slowly...I know hard to fathom slowing down, Me?   but I've been doing that and enjoying the process of cooking whole foods, spending time creating things I've always wanted to make for the shear joy of making them.  The need to make product is there but not in the way it was.  More so the need to be a maker of things which I know I ramble on about some time ago.  
A book list 

I've read this book a few times...found it at The Clearing in Elison Bay WI while teaching a weekend workshop...grab it up right away after reading one page in the I will be using it for inspiration, talking circle and art journaling class Jan 12th at Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak Brook IL. First time it will all be coming together...darn I say I feel the need is upon us all for something like this. I will be excited see what is revealed and evolve. 

Studio Stories will be shared with my Book Club Group...starting in January...Can't wait..simple, sweet and short something that will allow us creative discussion time. 

I share this only because of an inner urning going on inside of me.  No blame on anyone just is what it mother had an Hysterectomy when she was young and so did my Mother in law. Their experience through menopause was so different then mine.  I almost felt that I was alone on this season of my life.   And well I was it is each a individual walk through. So now that I've made it through naturally...I'm so grateful I have had this experience to share with my daughters. I sought out other elder women to hear their stories and the best advice I received is You'll get through this and it open up the best part of your life.   So now the elder women are tending to the aid of loved ones at different degrees of sicken...and who knows soon I may be in that place with someone.  But it's sad...they are losing the best part of their lives but then maybe not as they are with their loved ones...
For what ever reason this book "Elderwoman" popped on my screen one day and I purchased it and started in on it after I finished the last chapter of 13 Original Clan Mothers...didn't read the first part jumped in with the cycle of the moon...but also after reading Braiding Sweet Grass...awesome book.  

I hope to fill my head with stories of the past to help me move into the future with a natural grace.  

The connections and perspective of earth, spirit, nature, and native culture as been with me since childhood.  And as the year ends...a closing on what has been  is just a page flip on a calendar really at this point I follow tradition of saying good bye and welcoming in again new beginnings and insight. 

Focus on elder years and how I picture myself in it and beginning this part of my life and how I will connect with nature, people and home place...planet earth.  

And if one is interested in a peek 

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