Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting outside as much as I can

 This Past Monday morning I found myself wanting to get back into the routine of things and walking in the woods is one of the best ways I found to do it.

This Morning I was thinking to myself that I hadn't seen any deer out there in the woods...as I came around the bend there was a doe and fawn together.  It was a welcome sight. 

 The first post goes in up at my Dad and Mom's place in Packwaukee WI.  Randy and my dad pound the first post in to see how the ground will be...as it was pretty packed down.

 The Road way was made by many renters of the property where all the garages are in the back ground.  What it is, is an vacant alley way.  It showed it on the survey.  My dad talked to the neighbors to let them know he was going to do it.  A bit of a change for them all.
 Post all in a row...great Job Guys!!

 Now to the other side of the property need to go in about four feet or it's right in the middle of the big white pine...and that's not going to happen.

 Getting the string all lined up as a guide for the posts.

 Break time...
 Day two we had to put in the bigger post for the gate...a little concrete in the hole and it's good to go.

 A big colder the second day and some fog hanging on.. but then we did start at 8:00am to get as much time in as we could.

 This is the other side with no gate..

In town there is a a big garage with the bike hanging there I had to snap a picture of that. We sent up Saturday Morning early and stay over night then finished up by about 12 ish and then head home, with a stop at Red Lobster...Long day..Randy was so cute...He said he was showing off for me with pounding the post in with the post tool that sit on top and then you pound it down...But He won't be showing off for a few days as he's a bit sore.  

It was a good time,  I loved being out side and help them I heard the sand hill cranes go over but could see them...the clouds were too thick. but it was great to be of help.  I was mainly the runner for what they needed. And I spent the rest of the time bending the behind in the air picking up sticks  

Soon they will be in the new place...Can't wait though there is much to toss out first at the old place. 

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