Friday, October 28, 2016

Unexpected cards in the mail this past few weeks.

Thank you Mr. Jonathan Talbot... 

Communication R we really listening...36 x 36 collage on Canvas 
Here's the piece Jonathon was sharing about...I do like this piece myself it was a collage that I re made from a Tack Down Tuesday piece, The love of Stacking, 

Love of Stacking... 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper. 

then just the other day I received this card...I wonder how Mr. Vose is doing? 

I met Bill Vose through my Cousin Doris, He was her art teacher/mentor...Living out in Paw Paw IL  check out his place here.. from Art Calendar/now Professional Artist 

Funny how when you met people and they cross your path, for a reason, season or a life time.

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