Monday, October 10, 2016

Introduce yourself to the White surface

So after I tape off the side with the Scotch #3051, purchase it through ULine...Low tack paper tape.  I used my graphite crayon and gestured some lines...As I looked out the window this morning I greet to the cattail basin across the street.

Then I wanted to hide some of the gestural lines...I thought...and went with  buff first then white acrylic paint and the sponge roller.

White on the roller now...pushing back the gestural lines.  As I look at this and what I ended up with it I want to go back and play round some more..

Picking out the palette...citra solve magazine papers and solid colors
As you can see I laid down the black paper and the magazine and covered over the gestural lines... with intention to bring them to the surface again...the purpose of rolling on acrylic paint and covering it with reason, mainly just going with what every comes up to do.

before glazing, rubber stamping and shadowing  See end result...Here..

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