Saturday, September 24, 2016

Using every minute as each day passes~

 A quick view inside the area where we created, big window that look out over Waubee Lake. There are swan's swimming and greet a few of this these morning.  Tables and Space with good Electricity and wonderful warm caring creative souls.

 A few closer photo's,  Joan and Debbie,

 Pat and Mary
 And these too have taken the painting to the different surface.   Love it when the put there face masks on and we see their beautiful baby skin afterwards.
Here we had to get a photo of the Youngest artist, Laura and the Oldest in the group, Pat. 

 And a few of us here, I'm not in the photo and a few others but its pretty much the group. Camp Mack, 2016

 I'm soulfully creating next to the window....I have wanted to create a few leather bound long stitch journals and a morning page journal, Plus I'm making a collage in the morning like a meditation.

 Margaret's demo with Alcohol inks, everyone love this... Really cool how the color moves around. and the edges of the shapes too.

 I have wanted to get a start on the talking stick well another one and document the steps.   So happy I started.

 The leather needs to be long and wide enough to wrap around and some areas it was tighter because of the stick width. I let this stick sit out side and dry then peeled off the bark and sanded it a bit. Then I put a layer of Lineco PH balance glue on it as a outer protections.

 Rubber bands were used to hold the leather in place till I could stitch close to it.

 I left the Ends open as I forgot to bring the rabbit fur....It's good they say to have rabbit fur so when you hold the stick you can speak from the heart.

By the time we saw the sun setting and made it out side to take a picture this all I was able to capture. Take my word for was beautiful.

We ended the day with a Soul Collage Reading,  Cherie has us make a card and we sat in a circle and read out cards....really a intimate moment for us all.

Today the exchange will take place.  20 4 x 4 cards were to be made by each artist...if the wanted to and then you exchange them...there is some awesome cards sitting and waiting.

On to the last full day and then a half day tomorrow.  And Home to reality. This has been a great time...if no rain we will try to have an ending drumming circle tonight.   Got to get my CD out so we can prime the vocal pipes and get use to the songs to sing.

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