Sunday, September 18, 2016

Left at 5 got home at 11:30pm

My parents purchase a home off the lake in Packwaukee WI and Randy and I took a trip up for the day to see the place.  There is work to do to it but for the later part of there years it will be a great place. Not stairs and a washer and dryer there with more bedrooms, large lot and you see the water from their front deck which is still a great view. 

Knowing that we were coming we  has also oftered to help put if need be with what every.  Well an Aluminum shed was purchased and we all need to be there to put it up.  We spent all day doing this.  I want to say 1 million screws were put in place but that would be telling a fish story..though close.  Working with us all together was very interesting.  As parents and children or All Adults.  The Later was taken and team was formed. 

Night fell on us and the no see um came out so it was time for us to stop.  But the most part and hardest of the shed was done.   We went back and had a quick meal for the road and got home around 11:30....So grateful to see their place and that we could help and be of service.  More work to be done and might take another trip up in a few weeks.  It was good for us to get away and be up north...something about the less hectic life style.

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