Monday, September 05, 2016

Grace....and space to contemplation

That Good Orderly Direction is Real in my life and it's a Centering Energy.
Do you every have those days when everything you pick up to read seems to be just for you in the moment.  Well that's what's been happening.  Connections like these are mind and heart blowing to me.

Here's one...I like to gnaw on a bone about something till I dig a deep hole in thought where I almost bury myself and the bone I was gnawing on. And it's not worry its more a why Question I get stuck on.  There are times though when I'm trying to figure out something Creatively and staying on it and become more aware in thoughts and observation which is good.  The other side of the obsessive thinking. .   So this morning the words popped out at me... Complete self-knowledge is is? Shucks I've been trying to understand myself now and get that perfect...down on paper and all and now I find out it's impossible...Well Grace stepped in and brought awareness...I'm always trying to figure it out.   Like I'm stuck in the spiral only heading down...Then I read...complete self knowledge impossible...eye opening and kind of funny now. Time to let go of that one thought that I would understand me totally...not narcissistic but the making of my being/humaness is more what I search about. Rambling...I know and when I try to talk to people about this kind of stuff...eyes glass over and I've lost total conversing.  That's why I turn to books for answers and contemplative direction besides...Nature and the Good Orderly Direction in my life.

So now this is something else to thinking about...over a cup of coffee...From Christine Valters Paintner PhD.

"In many ways Love is the primal force behind our creative expression. We create art to understand more deeply what it means to be human. Part of what makes life worth living is our passion, our desire to be in relationship-with ourselves, with our beloveds and with the divine."
(I do wish some day I would be able to have deep discussion and listen to what others thinking about  things like this.)

As Brene' Brown shares in her books..(not her words but mine understand of them) To belong is a very strong human need and when we don't have it....Oh  sad things happens to us as humans,

Q What aspects of your own humanity do you explore in your art? What do you feel your passion resonate most strongly? (question from Christine)

Humanity is the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. It's also a word for the qualities that make us human, such as the ability to love and have compassion, be creative and not be a robot or alien. The word humanity is from the Latin Humanitas for Human Nature, kindness."

Teaching the meaning of Artmaking

By Sydney R. Walker

The Big Ideas….Where do they come from?

·         Dreams and nightmares
·         Life cycles
·         Reverence for life
·         Interdependence
·         Individual identity
·         Aging
·         Power
·         Community
·         Life and death
·         Emotional life
·         Heroes
·         Family
·         Idealism
·         Ritual
·         Views of reality
·         Conflict
·         Social norms
·         Spirituality
·         Celebration
·         Uncertainty
·         Relationships
·         Suffering
·         Human diversity
·         Materialism
·         Nature and culture
·         Utopias
·         Fantasy
·         Social order

Personal interest plays a significant role in directing the artist’s choices of ideas. Becoming personally connected to a big idea is highly important for artmaking; otherwise, artmaking can become merely an exercise in problem solving.

Big Ideas drive an artist’s artmaking over time. They extend beyond individual artworks and encompass large portions, if not all, of an artist’s body of work. Big ideas represent the artist’s overall purpose for artmaking, and they tell-in board conceptual terms-what the artist is about. 

Awesome or what?

I have to admit there was a point in the last few years when I kind of let go of one way or aspect of my artmaking and jump on to another one...more like being a rebel and creating the kind of art that wants to come out of me...I try hard not to wander too far and be swallowed up by what others are making and stay true to what all those big ideas listed above translate through me...

I end with Know thyself...which as become a life time of study thus far in a very wonderful spiritual way which is shared with my beloved ones and the divine... All of Humanity, darn I say that's what being a artist is becoming for me.

And today I set the tents up for the RED DOT STUDIO FLIP   Energy is high and the husband is home to lend the muscle grateful for that...been two years since I did this and the body it now what it was...thankfully I stopped before I really hurt myself...and now we will do this task together...feeling big love now.


  1. Two things: WOOT WOOT UP GOES THE TENTS !! Be careful you two. Lol
    And AWESOME bit of rambling today! It felt like it was just for me at the right moment. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your humanness.
    I can feel the love...

  2. But what if you're just a shallow person? I don't have any "big ideas." So is my art simply "problem solving?" I sound flippant, but I'm sort of serious. And all of a sudden I feel "less than." Heavy sigh.

    1. No heavy sighs....I seem to fall in to the problem solving all the time...I love it when I lay down some papers and then have to see if I can play detective and solve the problem and make art out of it...which if any one knows me I pull from the know elements and principles...Underline though...there is something more I do believe after creating for so long there is voice that has been speaking....each of us are free to establish for our selves. Don't let the word Big scare the pants off ya...its just a word.

  3. In a sense I agree that we cannot fully know ourselves. One reason is that we cellular memory, knowledge and experience handed down to us from the ancients. Some say we've lived other lives which impact this one. But mostly I wonder, who is my small self? And who is my Big Self? The small self may not be worth knowing, as it's ego driven and full of fear and goals that are meaningless in divine truth. We are both seekers, you and I, and this can lead us down some long detours that take us straight to dead ends. (Not that this has to be a bad thing.) Ultimately we have to dig our way out of the head and return to the heart for ultimate knowing, for true connection to the divine. I met a brain surgeon at an art fair recently who was quite taken with one of my paintings. In it, a couple lays head to head, not touching. He became excited.... "This is it! This is where love begins! Bio-chemistry is where connections are made, and these lead to love. There is a science to love, it begins in the head, but it cannot live there." He was a darling Indian man whose face radiated joy. I would have loved to talk with him for hours. Whoever we are, wherever we are in our process, there is a celestial rightness about it... and I know you are brewing creative juices with every question, Laura.

  4. I enjoy listening to you and hearing how your creative journey unfolds. You are an inspiration to me! Within my heart and head I "get" what you are saying. My struggle is in articulating the right words to express this. What I know for certain is I am suppose to be creating art. My search is in trying to understand what that purpose is. I have times when I surrender the search and delve into just letting things be, only to return to the yearning of understanding the purpose, once again. When that happens, I am usually gifted with the remembering of nature. Of all the seasons and the changes that each one brings. With each spring the flowers are bigger, stronger, more vibrant. So it is with my art. I leave this post saying... I am living my purpose thru my art, whatever that may be. Thanks Laura for being you. I offer myself up to sit and have a deep conversation with you anytime!

  5. Laura; I have always envied wordy philosophical minds....I have deep thoughts and mysterious feelings but very short and to the point. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and wonder how do you find the time to do all that you do...the Energizer Bunny! Whether I am doing clay or 2-D work...I let my inner Self speak, sometimes beautiful words come out...sometimes...not so much but it is always my inner Self. When I start with "a plan" it usually goes awry. Again, thanks for your wisdom.


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