Monday, August 29, 2016

Never Fails me....

Nature is always there as long as we respect her....This morning I knew that I had to take a walk...been walking the dogs but that was around the neighborhood...I needed more and though my Monday's are packed usually its always good start with the right energy...and the woods medicine always has it for me.  Reading the book The Artists Rule still with my book club this months we are to connect with Nature How grand is that..

For the next two months I will be working with this part of my vision board...September and October...excited to see where it brings me...with the studio flip in motion...ideas are coming...getting rid or pass on some things to make room for others.  What ever reveals itself I'm sure it will be good. Nature, books, crows, artists and the crystal ball...with continued cycling and layers of rich sediment with stacking of rocks...Couldn't be more happier.


  1. Laura, I can FEEL your happiness across the miles. It's contagious. Today is my turn to respect Mother Nature as I lay more Cyprus mulch to hold moisture around the tropical plants in our backyard, and conserve water! PEACE

    1. Respect her is right!


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