Saturday, August 06, 2016

Creating in the Kitchen

I've been wanting to try this recipe out...Moroccan Meatballs.  And the skillet behind the meatballs is Cauliflower rice with fresh parsley and saute'd in Ghee. I can't wait to taste it all together...Not sure if the Husband will eat's made with ground lamb.  I even use my own tomatoes for the two little raised beds I have.  And I followed the recipe to the tee...with measuring spoons. I amazed myself. 

Had to share a quick process video...too silly I know but I'm having a great time. 

I had ground bison cooking for taco's for anyone else that doesn't want to try the meatballs.   And Home tortilla's for them.  I love the time in the kitchen like this... being creative make other things besides art all the time or work on the business side of things.  I break and a way to explore other loves.

Time to call him from the Garage...Honey time to eat!

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