Saturday, August 06, 2016

Collage Artist Drawing...what's that about?

As I continue in many mediums or direction...from creative cooking to collaging on skate decks to writing up class curriculum...I'm also drawn lately to keeping up my observation skills and drawing.  I been independently studying collage for the past 21 years.   And I witness artist drawing and sketching in books which I love sketchbooks of any I've been doing collage sketchbooks but the calling to connect with graphite to paper has won out.   I'm now on #34 of 50 sketches in a  how to step by step draw horses.  What's funny is this is a flashback of my youth...might be for most girls and boys...but also as I sketch at the table in the morning one Saturday my oldest Daughter said this.   Mom there's a different energy coming off of you when you sketching.  It's nicer then when your on you lap top.   There's an observation...the sketching is calming my

With learning how to ride horses...I've been taking lesson now since March of this year...there is progress but of course not fast enough for the girl in me....I want to be riding in the wind out on some big field or prairie like I've been doing it for a life time...but the truth is it's a anything that's worth knowing about and learning.  I've been flopping around with the Body's condition and learning something about how to sit in the saddle...(mind you still trying to master that)  So I've also watch video's, asked tons of repeated questions to the teacher...and now I've printed out some reading material to help me grasps as much of this as possible...I'm a learner that's got to come at it from all angles.

What I want to do though after I finish the book is to take some real photo's of body areas that I see in my own drawings, like the hoofs and face and the beautiful soft noses...and study from real's like a whole different art venture...

The collaging comes so natural and therapeutic for me and now I'm seeing I would like to have the drawing do that too.  I was thinking about this yesterday while washing dishes...What I would like to produce in my art,  that I like in other art doesn't always come out the way or like I figured it would.  Learning to let go and allow whats in me to come out and embrace that part of creation is very exciting and enlightening and enriching.    I many like a style and want to emulate it but it never comes out just like I would hope it would.  There is a natural spirit that presents itself each time and I really just let it...this is where I connect with the term Gush Art....which I shared a while back...some may call it Outsider art too but I truly believes its coming from that place of pure creation.  Rambles....

So it's the weekend and it's cooler out so I'm going to wash my house windows...and then some creative cooking and who know's whats next.

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