Thursday, July 14, 2016

Small action steps each day

 So the studio space is just big enough for me, the dream some day is to have a bigger space so I could invite other in to create with or teach. But in the mean time I must keep moving forward and with that on a different area of my life, I'm taking horseback riding lessons and I'm working on the ability to have the proper form on the and in the saddle one has to know how to be one with the horse.
 I've always have had some contact with horse...not like taking riding lesson when  I was young, but my grandfathers farm in WI had a American Pony which was a bit larger then the regular pony and looked more like a horse then a pony. I would ride it all the time bare back when ever I was up there. My Uncle Don and Aunt Helen had a large piece of property in Naperville when I was growing up and 8 children my oldest cousin Donna had a horse or was it two? (memory was bad, sheep too)...Just to see these wonderful animals has me in awe. When I finished High School I went a way for 6 week to an Art School called Blackhawk Mountain School of Art in Colorado and there were horses up there and the group of us rode all the time. Through the years I've taken some trail rides. but just more recently the urge has been stronger to learn how to really ride.  So the lesson began back in March... going into 6 months and I have to remind myself that am going there and giving my all each time...but something just wasn't clicking I have to try harder to do better.

An expert by far Not...more of a Wabi Sabi rider with a child like enthusiasm.  (the secret thought that some day I could own a horse of mine own has been popping in the fantasy life many times.) Knowing  some what how I learn things...I've got to have all my senses involved with the learning process and well I get confused, my brain seem to take it all in and then not register it...goofy I know so my determination to learn how to ride better on a horse has brought me to watch You Tube video's to see how I can improve things. And one of the video's has you sitting on a exercise ball and how you sit on the ball and how you body should work.  As you can see I've got it in the studio so after I do some yoga to relax and stretch I bounce...yesterday I was bouncing and drumming at the same time..keeping a beat..goofy I know but I'm trying. (and have a blast at it)

The urge to draw and understand the horses body also has made a demand on my day.  Sounds weird but I got this intuitive nudge to go to the library and get a book on drawing and not sure where it will go but I've got two weeks before the book is due back...nothing like a time limit right? I do best with Assignments...and being a teach and the artist I have to give it to myself.

 My Next Painted Mare piece will have a Cottonwood tree,  This tree seem to be speaking louder the the willow tree with the large leave rustling in the wind.  So we have a neighbors tall cottonwood and I took a picture the other day when My Son had his car out of the garage.  And I though what if I took this tree photo and made it into an image transfer like the other trees that I got out of the Dover Publishing book I have about Trees?...and well it worked.  So staring to build the layers to make a transfer skin.   Next will be to make papers for the rest of the piece and stay in sequence with the other two.

Had to share...(Warning video is loud) The different from the Men folk and the Women folk's creative projects...there's nosier.  So proud of my son...small action steps for him, he's worked on this for the past 3 years. Paying for every part and now getting a used-new to him trailer to take it to the drag race tracks someday....I don't think I'll be invited but one never knows...he's kind of a sensitive guy...hmm, wonder there he gets that from.

The Husband-Randy and Jake out trying to figure out how to get it up on the trailer without wrecking the big radiator on the front of it...go figure just have a bit long ramps...

And now between all this I'm editing the photo of the wooden Manikin for a skate deck I want to create that will be in an exhibit if all goes well at  4 Arts Gallery at the Zhou Bro. Art Center in September.

Some might say it's a bit ADHD behavior going on but each one of these steps take time and needs to dry etc.  so while one things is drying another things is worked on...Feeling very productive and in the attitude of positive forward motion.

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