Friday, June 17, 2016

Morning Walk along the shoreline...facing a fear too!

 There were Five Crows....that mean's What?  Receiving Riches

 Footprints in the it trailing off here and there.

 Looking at where I want to try and walk.

 ship wreck...not sure but maybe an old prier.

 love the rocks hiding in between.
 You see the path...well with water and the energy it evokes can be over powering me.

I could look at that point but took a picture straight on. it.
 OK with hand on the wall for stability I look up and took a picture.

 Look back to the area I'm staying in.

 Made to the light house not to walk back.

 The door of the light house.

 OK here I go....back now.

Keep telling myself that water has an energy that is very powerful...and one that I keep telling myself to trust the flow and look down and see the feather... Awesome morning walk.

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