Monday, June 20, 2016

Few more details of the workshop and the trip home.

 Second Day of the Workshop and we started with a collage meditation after the papers were coated and drying.

 Day 3 is when it all came together.

 A few finished piece of work from Barb.

 A few from Carolyn.
 And a few from Bestey..The other two ladies had to leave early so we didn't get any photo's of there works. Though they are on a roll and I'm sure they will do more.

From my morning walk on Day two...had to capture the motion of the water. 

 Then one the way home I had to check out the tall stair case to see the look out spot. Totally amazing. But scary as the stairs you can see through them, Like bridges but you can see the ground on these.
 From the top amazing blues.. 

Looking down over the ledge. 

Home now and grateful all went well and there was happy campers at the end. After taking the hike up the stairs I heard something and looked behind me across the road and see a Doe and fawn.  Before that I spotted a snapping turtles crossing the road..probably to lay eggs.  Things are a bit later there. Also the turkey that came out of tall grass on the side of the road...almost could have hit it. This was all at 6:30 ish in the morning. 

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