Monday, May 16, 2016

The Mystic

So this piece is now matted and framed in a big 20 x 30 black frame...I hadn't matted or framed something this big in a long time.  I wanted to finish this piece before heading up to WI...for the Workshop I'll be teaching there starting Saturday. 

With the packing of the workshop and being that I can drive up there with my supplies I'm going through lots of things in the studio and checking the inventory.  I so want to purge the studio,  I'm looking at things I save for  years and things I though I would be getting into but well I'm not sure what I'll be doing.  So what do you save?  So you save everything...Hoarder tendency I'm sure. 

So this morning I have these thoughts simplify...let go of and get rid of somethings...And when this comes about I want to activate it get it done with and then get started on the next thing...but I will have to be practice which is also good will give me some time on to contemplate the directions I should go in.   Paper and building with layers have been my thing for so long, journal writing and making books too...and sharing about design and composition.  

Do you ever get that feeling that something big is going to not tornado sort of things but more so like a directional spiritual awakening. 

Well much to do to still get ready for Dillman's next week.  

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  1. Beautiful work. Love the layers....


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