Monday, May 09, 2016

Candles and a few other things, with studio time for Mothers Day

 Mother's day,   The husband took his mother out to breakfast, Oh I could have gone but I had stopped and visited a few days ago and bought her some flowers for planting in some of her flower pots with potting was a nice visit.  So the enjoyed themselves and I stay home and gently moved into the day...some morning journal writing and conversation with the each of the young adults living here. My oldest Stevie brought me a Bison...the now how much I'm found of them and there come back.  So it was so cool to have a stuffed animal at the age I am....I did hug it dearly.

 Then my Second oldest, Maddie got me these sandals...OMG there the best, wore them all day long and felt like I was walking on a cloud.  Their Sanuk sandals or that's the company name.  She has work shoe made with the yoga mats as the base, being on her feet all day there a plus.

My other two, Twins Jake and Bernie, bought me candles,  Every morning I light a candle and sit by it as I have my first cups of coffee and doing my morning pages and have a bit to time with myself meditating so I go through lots of candles.

Called my mom and she's doing as best she can and will be ending a year of driving the school bus with a pizza party for the kids that she does for them every year...She always was the best School bus driver.

Feeling a bit lost but not bad...just the feeling of not doing a million things at one time which I have to learn how to adjust and then I wondered up to the studio in the afternoon and felt like starting a tack down before this afternoon when I normally do them.  My one daughter is getting her wisdom teeth pulled today and I don't know what she will need and wanted to be available for her, so I began early.  and went with a long vertical format...

Not sure what I was going to do...two things came to mind. 1 use that magazine model image transfer and change her look a bit more and use the scrap paper on the top left side with the white dots.  From there I pulled other colors of paper out and one thing lead to the next and a story came to the surface.  I'm not done with it and need to add some detail I woke up with this morning that I want to add.

                  This is the image I used and altered and transfer to the collage above. I look for the outside shape of the pose of the model their standing and the attitude the pose provokes.  Bring some sand paper to the surface of the image and off I go...

The sewing machine, came out of the closet and added some of the stitches and a glazing... which sets into the holes and on the it.


  1. Love your bison and your sandals! Glad you had a good day! Bison is to be our national mammal soon!!

    1. Wow that so cool to know this... it's about time right?


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