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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trying some things out

 So I've always wanted to use that glue gun again...but not to glue stuff down with. So I can making my own stencils how cool is that?

 Well of course I didn't use the same stuff but found out if I put the high fluid acrylics in a spray bottle I could get a nice mist with it. Than I found my atomizer I bought so long ago....and it worked great...dip that short end in the acrylic paint and blow from the long black tip.  And soon a nice mist comes out.

 Then you can cut shapes out and then use the hot glue and make stencils with a nice edges...can't wash them thought the watercolor paper would just go limp.  Oh I tried the black ink and the razor blade too...These are some thing I found in the book that I feel I could use in my collage mixed media making that I do.
I was very fortunate to meet Jo at my Workshop in Arizona last November...what  joy that was and some great Ideas too in this book...Jo Toye   If you like to explore a bit more painting this has some awesome techniques to vamp up you work.

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