Saturday, April 16, 2016

Time to move to the next Vision board card

So funny as I look at my card or section of my vision board....there is always a crow, The Crow to me has always been my sign, symbol to restore my balance and that there is a natural law to follow. And to know that they are here to restore the balance in my neighborhood too, they have a job and service to give to us.  Did you know that Crows, a couple of different variety can be found all over the world...Not like other birds...some are only in set locations...there's meaning in that I would say too.

I've been blogging for over 10 years + more...need to figure that one out,  I've used it to help me share about my process, what I'm up to as an artist-classes, workshop, events and exhibits. And to share how to's etc. But mainly to become comfortable with writing my words and what seems to be needed to be expressed.   Recently I've been teaching on line too.  So every day I've shown up to the keyboards after a good bout of pen in hand to paper writing. Not every day do I post but I try to.  Not every day do I reread what I write...but I'm learning how to go back and edit...hard to do for a dyslexic pity just reality. Which with some courageous tears I go forward.  There are those that find the need to correct because that is their skills and they want to help...I get...and understand and are thankful for them, they are teaching me to be better at what I would like to do.  Also to let go of taking it so personal.

But I'm going to have to pull it together here and do some on my own...I'm breaking the steps down and following Anne Lamont about making a Shitty Rough Draft...I'm gathering words, dropping in on a page in the computer, ideas plus processes. I'm praying for guidance, that good orderly direction on how these words will form together for the submission of this opportunity for a grant...I keep telling myself I'll feel so much better once it's done...which I know what it feels like to complete things so that's the good to get to that feeling.

This creates stress for me....always has the writing...and besides what I have to do for this there are other areas that stress is flaring up...So I am so grateful to have known ahead of things that I will need to learn how to spin this stress into success...Attitude of gratitude...cup half full all good positive ways to approach.

Off to drop off some artwork at a show and a celebration of a friends recent retirement...

I will spend some time with this card above and see what lessons and meaning that I've picked back in January on the 1st to guide me...Meditations seem to be a big one.

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